Quick Guide On How To Breed Rabbits – Rabbit Farming Business

Rabbit Farming BusinessThe reproduction capacity of rabbits is very high. Your female rabbit can deliver almost every 30 days and in the first year she can deliver 5 to 10 babies per delivery and in the second year she can deliver 10 to 15 baby rabbits per delivery.

You need to know that rabbits can only be bred once they reach physical and sexual maturity. Depending on the breed, you choose to farm with, that could be anything from four to seven months old. That is why it is sometimes better to invest in an older breeding pair than to buy baby rabbits, and wait for them to mature.

The average age at first mating is about 5-7 months and it varies with the physical maturity of individual rabbit and also the breed. Mating should be done either early in the morning or in the evening. In order to prevent inbreeding depression, your rabbits from the same family should not be bred.

If  you are thinking of breeding rabbits for a business. You will find below some usefull tips that you can follow.

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Rabbit Farming Business – How To Start Rabbit Farming Business In 5 Easy Steps

rabbitRabbit Farming business requires less space and it can be done anywhere at your farm, backyard, on terrace or even at your home. Rabbit farming business is one you can start with very little investment, but it will take time to develop to its full potential. Patience and s mart planning are key when going into the business.

Another reason for rabbit farming is that it is easy and economical to rear rabbits as compared to chicken, goat and other livestock. Rabbits can be fed virtually at no cost; kitchen vegetables, green leaves and lots of locally available food can be more than sufficient

The following are 5 important tips you have to put into consideration to ensure a successful rabbit farming business.

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